Friday, 30 August 2013

Does the UK condone chemical weapons attacks in Syria?

I don't usually comment on politics but after yesterdays antics in the UK parliament, I feel a need to.
Whilst I was not on-board with the Conservative's need to take action right away, I do believe that should the UN's investigation into the chemical weapon attack on Syrian civilians provide compelling evidence that the Syrian government was responsible, then we, as a nation, have a moral obligation to help those civilians in some manner.
However, what happened in parliament seems beyond farcical. The government (Conservatives & Lib Dems) tabled a motion to agree in principle to take military action against Syria. Labour tabled an amendment to only do this should their be compelling evidence that the syrian government was responsible. The governments motion was defeated and then, in an apparent fit of pique, the government wouldn't back the Labour amendment, and this was defeated.
This leaves us in the stupid situation where both our government and it's opposition want to take action (only the criteria is different) yet, they have voted to do nothing. This sends a disturbing signal to Syria - in voting to do nothing we effectively condone the actions of the Syrian government. Whilst its people continue to suffer.
Sometimes it seems that we really are governed by imbeciles.