Tuesday, 24 January 2006

Diary of a Cyclist (part 2)

It's not only inconsiderate motorists that are a hazard to cyclists, there's also pedestrians.
Just like motorists, 99% of them remember the lessons learnt in their childhood and still practice the 'Look Both Ways' technique of crossing a road. However, there is one modern day invention which, apparently, causes two things to happen. Firstly, it causes memory loss and an inability to remember the 'Look Both Ways' technique, and/or secondly, it renders the user invincible.
This amazing device is known to modern day society as 'the mobile phone'. With one of these clamped to one ear, a pedestrian can wander out into a road or onto a cycle lane without fear. Some even cling on to their distant 'Look Both Ways' memories and do just that before wandering out anyway, regardless of the day-glo lemon hurtling towards them.
I have discovered, albeit accidentally, a counter measure to this insidious device. Disc Brakes. They are only effective in wet weather, but when required to perform an emergency stop they let out such an ear piercing screech that even the most die-hard mobile phone junkie can be separated from his or her beloved phone and momentarily brought back into reality. All without the need for surgery!

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